We invented the BAGGR because we wanted to find a better way to hold onto our used dog poo bags while hiking through the bush.

The BAGGR is a simple, discreet, and hands-free way to hold onto those used bags until you reach an appropriate bin.

Simply knot and slide onto the BAGGR and continue your route without adding one more thing in your hands. To remove, slide it off and dispose responsibly!

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  • Small and Discreet

    The BAGGR is small, 4.5 cm in diameter, and is available in two options - clear acrylic or bamboo. Once it's attached to your leash or keyring, you can simply forget about it - until you need somewhere to store your used poo bag. We chose a simple round shape with absolutely no branding, so it is completely unobtrusive on keyrings and leashes.

  • Personalisation

    We know you love your doggo, so we have added an option for your BAGGR to include your dog's name. Select the custom BAGGR option, and let us know your dog's name at checkout. Your dog's name will be added to a Clear BAGGR in permanent vinyl.

  • These are the best!

    I thank you every. single. morning when I clip that poo up annd don't have to carry it! đź’©

    - Lee C.

  • I love it!

    Thank you so much! It gets used every day!

    - Sarah W.

  • The best idea!

    There is nothing I hate more than carrying the poo bag around!

    - Elyse G.