About Us

Welcome to our little family business!

We live in Lane Cove, Sydney and we invented the BAGGR during the 2020 Covid lockdown. With nowhere else to go annd nothing else to do, we went on long hikes through our local bushlannd every day with our dogs. 

Sometimes we would pick up one bag of poo, and sometimes four or five.

If you're here, you already know that carrying poo bags is not fun, and certainly not while you're holding many, while also juggling your keys, water bottle, phone, and baby. Also, the bags get hot and sweaty (and smelly) in the hot Australian summer.

So we created the BAGGR: a simple, discreet, and hands-free way to hold onto those used bags until you reach an appropriate bin.

Simply knot and slide onto the BAGGR and continue your route without adding one more thing in your hands. To remove, slide it off and dispose responsibly!