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Bamboo BAGGR Poo Bag Carrier

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$9.95 AUD

Our bamboo BAGGR has a stylish but natural look, and would suit any lead colour. It is lightweight but hardy. 

It is 4.5 cm in diameter with a C clip which will easily attach onto your leash with a carabiner, or on your keyring, bag, or belt loop. 

Stop holding smelly poo bags or trying to tie a knot around your lead, only to have the poo bag fall off somewhere along your walk. 

Our dream is for there to be no more random poo bags strewn across public paths, placed on top of garden walls, and hung on tree branches. We know full poo bags are heavy, smelly, and annoying to carry. We hope that by designing the BAGGR, this helps in a small way to stop that.

Instructions for Use: 

  • Attach the BAGGR to your leash or key ring.
  • After picking up your dog's poo, knot the bag and slide it into the slot on the BAGGR.
  • To remove, simply slide off without needing to unknot, and dispose responsibly.

Hand made in Australia in recyclable packaging. Cardboard backing to be recycled with paper and cellophane sleeve to be recycled with soft plastics.